Kid Friendly

Appetizers/Snacks, Kid Friendly

Grain Free Chebe Pizza Rolls

Remember those Totino’s® Pizza Rolls before going full GF? Well, we think it may be back on the menu thanks to the culinary curiosity of MI Gluten-free Gal! “Chebe All Purpose Bread Mix may be one of the most versatile products I’ve ever used. Use it to make pizza, pie,…

Kid Friendly

Chebe Play-Dough

Got kids? Have fun in the kitchen with Chēbē dough! It is easy to shape, mold, and cut out.  Just prepare the dough according to package directions, shape it how you like, or flatten it with a rolling pin then make your cut outs. So, find some fun cookie cutter…

Holidays/Festivities, Kid Friendly

Chebe Christmas Cookies

Break out your favorite cookie cutters, or buy some new jazzy ones and let’s have some fun (don’t forget to invite the kids)! Gluten and grain free sugar cookies are easy with Chēbē, and the holidays are a great excuse to fill those cookie trays with decorated fun! So grab…