Naturally Gluten and Grain Free!

It was 1999 when we decided to bring to the U.S. the great tasting bread we enjoyed while living in Brazil. Even though it was naturally gluten free, we didn’t make a big deal about it until we got loads of mail from gluten-intolerant customers.

Our customers loved that our bread was full of flavor and SO versatile! We started receiving all sorts of messages telling us how they used Chēbē (CHEE-bee) dough to make all of those things they used to love before going gluten free. It started with pizzas and calzones then went on to bagels (the real ones; boiled and baked), Thanksgiving stuffing, dumplings, tortillas, knishes and even gnocchi!

Chēbē is different than other gluten-free bread dough because it was never formulated to be a bread substitute. The original recipe has been around for many generations.  It can be baked, boiled, fried and grilled. It can be rolled thin, stretched and twisted without breaking apart.

You will find quite a variety of recipes on these pages, but these are certainly not exclusive. As we continue to discover new ways to prepare Chēbē dough we will share them here, and, as always, we welcome your own personal discoveries of new ways to prepare Chēbē.  Let us know what you create!