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Grain Free Cornish Pasties

On the extreme southwest tip of England there is Cornwall. And from Cornwall comes the pasty. Traditionally the lunch of the Cornish miners, it is a hand pie filled with beef, onions, and root vegetables like potato and rutabaga. It is considered a meal in itself; substantial enough to get…


Fido’s Favorite Biscuit

If your four-legged friend could talk, he or she might insist on gluten and grain free biscuits. Fido’s Favorite Biscuit is made with naturally gluten and grain free Chebe mix plus a few other ingredients that make a grown dog salivate, like bacon, liver and cheese!  But be careful, the…


Chebe Cheeseburger Pasties

“Pasties are hand-held pies that are made from a round of pastry (alas – not usually gluten free), filled with an un-cooked filling (usually meat), folded over (like a turnover or empanada) and baked. They are the national food of Cornwall and were made famous by Cornish tin miners who…