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Chebe Grain Free Pizza Pockets

A delicious cross between a pizza and a hot pocket, Chēbē Pizza Pockets are free of gluten and all grains and make a perfect lunch or dinner for kids of any age.  This recipe came to us compliments of Dinner for Mary and 100% Paleo (substituted the dairy ingredients). So, you…

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Chebe Kale and Sausage Rolls

Just look at those beauties, you can’t eat just one! Everyone I’ve made these rolls for (even the gluten-free skeptics) found them delightful, with their warm baked aroma, crispy outside and soft chewy interior. They always are quick and delicious, guaranteed! – GlutenFreeG Recipe and photos by GlutenFreeG Print Chebe Kale and Sausage…


Chebe Sausage Pizza

Roll or press dough out to a 12″-14″ crust. If you’d prefer, roll dough out to fit an 8″ or 9″ pie pan to create a delicious deep dish pizza. Bake until lightly browned.   Here’s a simple and quick recipe that will be popular on the table. Just open up…