Chebe Pic Share – June 2017

Chebe Pic Share – June 2017

Share a photo of a recipe YOU created – not off the box 😉 – using ChÄ“bÄ“ mix for a chance to WIN a case of 8 packages of ChÄ“bÄ“ mixes of your choice!  (We will delivered to your address within the USA.)

We will share the winning weekly submission each Monday from June 5 to July 3 on the Chēbē Facebook and Twitter pages. Winning photos will be based on recipe originality and photo quality.

Submit as many different photos as you like as often as you like!

To submit your photo, go to the ChÄ“bÄ“ Facebook page (  Chebe Bread ) and post a comment and the hash tag #ChebePicShare617. (Only those submissions with this hashtag in the comment can be accepted.)  Don’t forget to attach your photo!


Chebe dough can be baked, boiled, grilled and fried!  Create your own version with inspiration from our own recipes ,or check out what these bloggers have done:

MI Gluten-free Gal

Gluten Free Jess

Simply Gluten-Free

Love With Food

American Gluten Free

Gluten Free Gus

Have fun and good luck!



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